Turas: The Barbarians in the East

Recently, Lythian explorers have stumbled upon a civilization in the east known as Turas. Turas is a land rife with bloody warfare that has lasted as long as anyone there can remember.


In Turas, we will be picking two people to serve as the rulers of two different towns. Once they are chosen the rest of us must choose which side we wish to serve. Follow your leader and help him to establish his town. Take on jobs to harvest resources and earn money for your town to be able to claim more space. As your town grows, do your part to defend your people while dealing damage to the enemy.

Dynmap is enabled on Turas, but players will be hidden from view. Inventories between Lythia and Turas are separated, and a job system has been enabled on Turas as well. A brief rundown of the jobs system is as follows:

There are five possible jobs:

  1. Miner
  2. Woodcutter
  3. Farmer
  4. Hunter
  5. Guard

To find out how a job pays, type /jobs info <jobname>

Example: /jobs info <miner>

This command will tell you what actions pay you as a miner.

To join a job, type /jobs join <jobname>

Example: /jobs join miner

To leave a job, type /jobs leave <jobname>

Example: /jobs leave miner


To put your money to work, you will need to deposit money to your town.

Once you are officially part of a town,  type:

/town deposit <amount>

Example: /town deposit 20

This will put 20 of your money into the towns acount. Your town leader will use this money to claim new territory.


Killing other players will result in you earning extra money

In addition to whatever gains your job pays you for killing a player, you will also receive 5% of their total money.

The job of a “Guard” receives 25 gold per kill, but has no other means of income. Killing guards grants any player an additional 10 gold.


The commands for town management will be explained in game as needed.

The portal to Turas is located in the Lythia Spawn area.

History of Caoilyth: Darkness and Deliverance

After the initial difficulty of survival, the initial group of founders banded together to create a safe haven so that they could further develop any skills necessary for survival. As they considered the best practices for staying alive, they decided it would be best to locate a large mountain top and fortify it to suit their needs. The spot they chose is now known as “Cloud Ruler”, in homage to the clouds which would often scrape over the very spot they were settling.


As time went on and the group of settlers began to acclimate to their new lands, they yearned to build monuments to their success. As they began to create monuments, a need arose to spread out from one another to separate areas within the lands. One person created a pillar, reaching as high up as was dared, in tribute to the heights of civilization that they had accomplished.


Another made a castle, to better store his riches, and to declare his prestige.

Many more monuments were created, some very beautiful.

Some very abstract.

But one was made that was grotesque and twisted. What darkness drove its creator to make such a thing remains unknown….. Its very creation brought about a change to the world which was not only unwanted, but moreover… entirely unholy..


After the creation of this object, a feeling of darkness and evil came over the world. People who came in contact with this pillar of wickedness either fell into a stupor, or became drunk with unimaginable power. Things which were once difficult for them to obtain came to them at their very wish. Items which should be used with care began to be used in abundance. It wasn’t long before the act of creation became a chore, and the only thing these people wanted was to see the perversion and destruction of nature.


The lands which were once lush and beautiful…

Began to become scarred and desolate.

Before long, the scarring of lands was not enough. One person sought to harm the world itself… to tear it asunder. With careful and secretive planning he set out to do the unthinkable.

A band of heroes caught wind of the plot, and tried as hard as they could to prevent the madman from carrying out his dark plan… But they were too late. Once the destruction began, there was little that could be done to stop it. With the devastating power of the explosion, little could stop the world from collapsing upon itself.

The Nimbus Crater.

Time itself stopped. Everyone became frozen in stasis. People began to dissapear and the world became darkness.


All hope was lost, there was nothing that these mere mortals could hope to do to save themselves from the void.


Suddenly, a flash of light. A spark of hope ignited from up above. An arc of divine radiance split the darkness and divided the sky. As the light grew brighter, all were delivered out of despair, and the evil which had begun was halted.

Interpretation of what was witnessed that day.


Some people claim it was a bird which flew through the darkness, its tail lighting the darkness on fire and chasing it away. Others claim to have seen a sword flying high through the sky, slicing a wide arc as it smote the darkness.

As people once more gained control of their bodies, they observed their surroundings. A few of the people who had set out to stop the event from happening survived, and used their knowledge to create an order dedicated to preventing another event like this from happening. Upon the very spot which the destruction had began, they build a city which floated high in the sky. From this platform they were able to closely monitor and destroy any dark entities which may attempt to crawl from the void.

Nimbus, Birthplace of the Guardians of Caoilyth.

Peace had been once again restored to the world, and it was sworn by all that any use of dark magics would be prohibited. Any who tried to practice any form of dark arts would be destroyed.


Several years passed, and people still questioned what had delivered them from the end that day. A young man, Son to a line of a wealthy nobles awoke one day and set out on a journey to discover the truth. He found a diverse group of people to help him on his way. His travels led him far and away from any of the settled lands. It was a bright and sunny day when he and his rag-tag group came upon a sight unlike any other.

"The Star of Lythis" Seen from Modern Day Lythia. (Lythis, meaning "Light in Darkness" in the old tongue)


The young noble knew that this was what he sought. With much reverence they gathered around this spot and sat down in quiet meditation. After several hours of waiting, night began to fall and this giant obelisk began to illuminate the night sky. A sense of calming and peace emanated from this spot. They had found the relic they sought. They had found the source of their salvation.. They had found their “Light in the Darkness”. As they sat in quiet reverence, The young noble stood apart from the group. He walked silently towards the sword and gently reached forth his hand. As his palm connected with the cool blue metal, he began to radiate light as bright as the sword itself. During this time, known as “The Teaching”, it is said the being known as Lythis, who sent the sword flying through the darkness imparted his knowledge upon the young noble.

Records do not hold the name of this noble before this point, but it is known that after this moment he was known a “Cao”, which is old tongue for “Heavenly Messenger”.  After several hours, he stepped back. He turned to his group and began to teach them what he had learned from his connection with the sword. He taught them the ways of the light. This group became the “Knights of Lythis”, whom were a group of Holy Paladins. They began erecting a town around the sacred weapon, and within this town they served to create a place for Cao to spread the teachings of Lythis.

The star of Lythis, seen from the front gate of what is now modern day Lythia, Capitol city of Caoilyth.

The First Church of Lythis, The Academy of Light.

Several centuries passed. The teachings of light were spread throughout the land. The world had survived the Darkest days and been reborn in light. It is from these days of light that the name for the world Caoilyth seems to stem. The full meaning of the name is lost, and there are many interpretations, but taking the meaning of the words Cao and Lythis, it can be assumed that Caoilyth means “Messenger of Light” or “Vessel of Light”. Ultimately, something that is inherently good.

History of Caoilyth: The First Night

The eastern shores of Caoilyth were first discovered on the Fifth day of April, earth year Twenty and Eleven. On that first day of fateful discovery, the first few adventurers to step foot on the ground were met with a very meek welcome, and in the end… tragedy. These brave few set the foundations of our beloved Smangwold, and literally reshaped the surface of Caoilyth, for better or worse. This is the way the story has been told for generations… by the ancestors of “Those who came before us”.



The sun awoke and began to cast its orange glow upon the land and water. Three men broke the silence of the morning as they waded through the last part of the nights journey. None recall from where or why they arrived, but it can be said for certain that determination had brought them this far.

Nearly falling over as they reached the shore, the men surveyed their surroundings.



A cow, grazing on a hill briefly looked up from its roaming.
A pig, waddling down the hillside.
A sheep, walking around in its fluffy coat.

Nothing to be alarmed about. Nothing at all.
“We should create some kind of shelter against the coming nightfall” Said Man #1

“We havent any tools!” proclaimed Man #2

“Look, yonder is tree. We should go forth to it and gather its bounty to create tools!”  Man #3 said with a wild gesture.

“How canst we gather the wood from said tree?” Man #2 quizzed with a grimace of irritation

They stood in place for a moment, stumped as to how they should proceed, when Man #1 said in a steady voice

“Well, we have nothing else, so we must start with what we have…. Our bare hands”

As the trio set forth bloodying their hands for the sake of survival, they were able to produce the needed tools in order to create a shelter. They decided to flatten the top of the nearest hill, and use the dirt they harvested to build some very crude walls. As night began to fall they placed the remaining few pieces of dirt, and settled in for the night. When darkness finally engulfed the land, and the chill air of the night began to bite their bones… it was then that the sounds of the denizens of the night began to fill the air.

As the hours dragged on, and the unspeakable sounds of these tormented creatures filled the air, Man #3 became maddened with despair.  He stood himself up onto the outer wall to get a glimpse of what creatures could possibly be mocking them. Just as he found his footing, he realized his fatal mistake…. the other were not sure at first what had happened, but they saw him fall forward, clutching his stomach in pain. A loud grunt was the last thing they heard before the thundering explosion knocked them to their feet. A large hole had been ripped into their wall, and they could only gather that their friend would not be coming back. Still reeling from the blast, they watched as several shambling bodies rounded the corner.

“What fel magic is this! The dead walk the land!!” One of them cried.

Backing up against the far wall of the shelter, they watched as the creatures made their way slowly towards them. Pickaxe in hand, the two remaining men worked together to hack at the undead. Just as they would strike one down, another would breach the hole in the wall. Taking many hits, the men knew that doom was at hand. Still they kept fighting, and still the dead kept coming. Just as all hope was lost, the first rays of the morning sun penetrated the top wall of their shelter. They watched in awe as the very flesh of these green beings burst into flames. Still they shambled forward, fighting until their undead bodies would take them no further. The cries of many evil things filled the air as the sun bore down its full glory upon the land. For the first time since the shelter was breached, they thought of their other comrade.

Walking out through the hole in the wall, they were able to see full well the destruction wrought by the unknown explosion. Piles of dirt had been displaced, and a large crater had formed in the side of the hill. It was there, in the very center of this newly created hole… that they found the only evidence to remain of their friend…

His roughly hewn wooden pickaxe…

…..The rain began to fall


Picking it up, they set forth to not let him die in vain. They had done many things right, and they had also learned many hard lessons. Most importantly….

They had survived the first night.